The Cup & Cone Philosophy:

Inspired globally, served locally.

Natural, handmade, and without artificial ingredients.

Made ethically and honestly.

And above all…
Serve goodness, spread kindness.

About Us

For the Sodha Family, international travel and multicultural influences are a way of life. Parth, born and raised in Delhi with a background in project management, facilitates operations. Allison, a travel writer and the President of a company that specializes in travel to South Asia, is the creative consultant. Together with their three children, they have traveled the world extensively in personal and professional capacities. Their love of all things international, fused with their adoration of the Pacific Northwest, inspired Cup & Cone. It is a space to sample international flavors with ingredients curated both globally and locally.

Cup & Cone is located in Bethany Village, only nine miles west of downtown Portland. The Bethany community was created with a blueprint of generational diversity. Preschools, medical practices, college campuses, senior centers, restaurants, and an athletic club are just a few of Cup & Cone's neighbors; the area was planned to accommodate and support multi-generational families. No matter the age, ice cream makes people happy and this was the ideal neighborhood to launch our first shop.